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About Us

THE MOOVE CYCLE is born out of a passion for cycling. We operate in the Portuguese market, importing and distributing bicycles and accessories from major world brands. The whole experience was acquired over almost two decades in Brazil, that is, we are credited with investing in new markets with their particularities and needs.

Works for the evolution of cycling, reduction and import of products of the highest quality and design, aggregation of real values ​​in the Portuguese market.

THE MOOVE CYCLE its relationship with its customers / resellers is the greatest value. Exchanging information is vital to direct sales and after-sales work. Our goal is to generate solutions and growth for partners through specialized service, adapting our line of products to the interest of the shopkeeper and, consequently, to the final customer. THE MOOVE CYCLE selects the products it represents through thorough research and study of the market in which it operates. The goal is to provide Portuguese cyclists with products of high quality, design and good price, which have differentials that provide an evolution to the practice of the sport. THE MOOVE CYCLE team works with the same motivation as a biker, always on the move and evolving. We live each day of our lives for the growth and strengthening of cycling in Portugal. We believe that the union of the market and cyclists is the best way to attract new audiences and incentives for the sport.